Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Assignment

Dear Fellow Colleagues & Friends,
I wished to inform that I will resume my new assignment as **** Executive at Corporate HSE, KLCC) ****** on the 19th of October 2009. My current role will now be put under Pn. Fara Eusniza (previously HSE MS Executive, SSE). All matters pertaining to Occupational Health shall from now on be relayed to her.
I feel so attached to SBO, that I don’t really want to write a farewell note. So, treat this email as one of the “FYI only” email. I first set foot in Sabah back in 2006 as my first assignment in PETRONAS. Those were the days where everything here is new to me. With a blink of an eye, 3.5 years had passed-I am now a new person (pandai suda cakap Sabah). I not only acquire the desired knowledge & skills, but I experienced such great bonding, and gained a new family in SBO, it’s the place where everybody knows everybody! I am now proud to call Sabah as my home.
I can never thanked enough to my managers for believing my capability to carry out the responsibility vested upon me, and not to forget my SSE colleagues & SBO medics for the experience that they share with me.
To my fellow YPCian, you guys ARE my heart and soul. Without you, my heart will stop beating. That’s how influential you guys are to me.
My humblest appreciation goes to all of you; to know that you sacrificed your time for me, to bear with my many requests, to smile and laugh with me and especially to play and win together with me. I dedicate this to my friends at offshore & terminals and also CSD & iPerintis colleagues.
Please accept my sincerest apology if there were any wrong doings that may offended any of you in any ways. I hope our friendship won’t end here, please feel free to say hi once in a while ya! Don’t worry, I won’t be too far from KK you know.
My humblest gratitude once again.

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