Sunday, December 25, 2005

Dari Soghomban ke Manchestee

On the day of arrival..
14 00
Pening, makanan cukup ke tak. Dahla kena kerja on this day, to make matters worse the day before I fell sick (high fever with flue and running nose) .. Sebab tu masak lemak cili api rebung yang beli dekat kedai cina pun macam agak gopoh gapah nak settle. Whatever it is, by half two I am supposed to be on the road to the airport. Giving extra time for me to drop by at Eeza's and print out the car rental bookings that I've made.

15 30
Lamanye baru nak dapat bas 43 yang pergi airport ni. Somehow I felt everything surrounding me moved very-very slowly. The traffic was heavy and the bus moved too slow. One thing that moved very-very quickly was the time.

16 30
Finally, an hour later I reached the airport. I am too excited, I practically ran on the moving "walkalator" from the bus station towards T2. Ramainye orang dekat T2 ni, kenapa sesak sangat???

17 00
Tak nampak kelibat orang Melayu pun, the one that came out was the flight from Lahore, landed at the same time as the MAS flight from KL. Tried sending text to my mother, brother and uncle. Luckily, my uncle replied. He said they were in a very long queue for the imigration officer to stamp their passports.

17 55
Penat giler berdiri, bertukar-tukar posisi dari berdiri secara "Sedia" kepada "senang diri" dan akhirnya kepada bersandar di tepi dinding. And then, after about an hour doing and repeating that, I saw my mother, father and my brother berjalan keluar dengan muka excited. Tanpa rasa "mengendahkan orang lain", daku terus masuk melepasi dari tali rintangan merah untuk laluan penumpang-penumpang dan menerpa ke arah mereka semua. Then I could see my little cousins, uncle, aunts and my lovely grandmother.

18 45
Sibuk-sibuk pulak nak tunggu untuk confirm tiket flight balik, after that asked them all to wait at one of the cafes there. And then I am gone to get the cars from the rental company. It was a better option for us to have 2 cars other than having a small mini bus to drive around. Though I have to compensate on paying extra for the fuels and parkings. .. (pheww.. )

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