Sunday, November 14, 2010

is at KLIA, loking like a lazy business woman, sipping Teh C ya all

Hello dear readers, I wished I could change my lifestyle to become the topic I wrote above. I wished I could have a career that keeps me always on the move, and let me be at the edge of everything. I wished to be popular..

I am now waiting to board a flight to somewhere near, it'll be one of the place where I yarn to go all the time. GUESS??

Connected to this free wifi for 2 hours in KLIA is .. I would say quite efficient considering its speed and reloading time. Each time I am en-route to somewhere, I would definitely turn on the laptop and enjoy some couple of hours surfing. Well done KLIA and MAB. Infact, just seconds ago, I discovered a new "added value" of service... Me, having my light meal and Teh C at Jonker's cafe (near Gate B area) was taken by surprised to a soft announcement of "Assalamualaikum"... on the speaker of KLIA. " Sekarang diumumkan sudah masuk waktu solat Zohor bagi kawansan Sepang, Kuala Lumpur dan kawasan2 sekitarnya." .. Well, to my surprise, this is the first I heard such announcement in KLIA, one of the busiest airport in the world. It may have been a new initiative, or it is already been practiced long time ago... Pity me, am I the last person to know? Well, whatever it is, I am truly glad to see there is an initiative to add another effortless service at one of the most well known airport in the world, barulah sepadan dengan nama Malaysia negara Islam. Well Done again.

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