Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Road Trip West to East

Another road trip journal that I'd like to keep to be able to reach to when I'm older.. Let's get on with it.

It all started when I knew that I won't be too long now in Sabah. Hahaha.. that's no news already right. So, me and my partner in crime Cik Eton (bukan nama sebenar) decided to become a little adventerous, to explore the jungles of Borneo. Enticing enough??

Day 0. Thursday

Immediately after arriving from KL.... pack up things..

1835 - Depart from my place, using Eton's ride.
1910- Dinner at Taliban Cafe', Inanam
1945 -Off from Taliban.

As some of you may not have realised, 1830 hours, the sun should already have set at this side of the world. Yeah, we started journey after Maghrib prayers.. and travelled at night.. Cool huh?

2000 - Arrived at homestay Timpak Nolou (Khadijah & Sulimat's) at the village called Kg Sinisirapan.

The next morning, we were awaken by the buzzing of conversations right outside our doorsteps.. Its the other tenant who occupied the other rooms.. And how could you not miss the view from our window... that's why its called the "Land Below the Wind". Breathtaking..

Day 1. Friday

0730 - Depart to Ranau.
0750 - Breakfast at Tg Puteri Restaurant, Ranau. Refuel (just in case), reload cash (just in case)
0845- Depart to Sabah Tea Plantation & Tagal Sg Moroli.

The ignorance part of me never did realised that there are such place as a tea plantation in Sabah. I mean, I know the Sabah Tea must come from somewhere, I just didn't know where it actually is. Once you passed the security posed, you'll pass through beutifully groom landscapes, a lush of greens with the majestic Kinabalu as the canvas..

1010 - Just 100 m apart, headed to Tagal Sg Moroli. Tagal is the prohibition project of catching any fishes in the area. I could have swear that it was definitely BIG. It only costs you RM 5, for 15 minutes socialising with the fishes.

1030 - Depart from Sg Moroli Tagal, the fish locally named "Kelah" experience was a unique one. I definitely recommends anyone to go to this place next time.

We are now on the longest stretch of drive, heading to the main venue of this road trip Kinabatangan. We should reach there before 1330 today in order to catch the next transport which will bring us deep into the virgin jungle of Lower Kinabatangan.

Along the way, we saw a very weird looking object on top of a hill 20 minutes away. We realised it is called "Nunuk Ragang" as the display board pointed to its entrance. We made a mental note to stop by on the way back.

1145 - Reached Telupid area, a small village which has now transformed into a small town.

1250 - Reached Mile 32, the ultimate land mark of the day.. we were told it will take us around 3-4 hours to reach this mark, we managed in 2. Hehehe.. We then took the road heading toward "Lahad Datu, Semporna".

1300 - Reached Kota Kinabatangan (or more like a small town, instead of a city = Kota).. we got off from the car and stretched out. Feeling hungry, we refueled our energy with lunch (well, this probably be the last luxurious lunch for these 3 days).

We first thought to take the transport provided by the tour operator. Knowing that it isn't a 4WD, we figured, why don't we just drive there.. I mean, if that van can reached there with no frills, why should face no problem.. and we did..

1355- Head to the jungle (Nature Lodge).

1445- Reached Kg. Bilit's jetty point.

1515- Arrive at Nature Lodge, had briefing, registration, allocations of rooms. (macam asrama tak)

1600 - Boat ride 1. Meet our friend here, the Pigmy Elephant.

1845 - Started raining while still on the boat. Back at dorm, drenched wet.

1930 - Had dinner, sleep.

Day 2. Saturday.

0535 - Rise and shine people

0545 - Morning cruise along Kinabatangan (orang utan, croc, more Bayaus)

0715 - Back from the cruise.

0900 - Breakfast and depart to Sandakan

1020 - Reached bulatan Sukau

1055- Reached Mile 32, and turned our way to Sandakan

1145- Arrived at Kim Fong are and had lunch at Sky Fast Food. Look out for Turtle Island operator - Crystal Quest (089-212711).

Since we've seen enough of the citizens of Kinabatangan, we planned adhocly to shorten our duration to pay less and see more of Borneo. Therefore, we were charged RM 250, instead of RM 330.. which is eiy.. as I may say, could be much cheaper if you know how to bargain and not do things unplanned.

At this point, we hastily drive towards Sandakan, hoping to catch a trip to Turtle Island, another hidden gem of Sandakan, Borneo. However, luck was not on our side, we did not manage to catch the 1 time commuting per day of the about 20-40 minutes boat ride.

1300 Arrived at PETRONAS Karamunting Depoh after browsing through Kg Bokara, next to the Sandakan Port. We were so tempted to got off and look for "Player #9", hehehe.. somehow, we were too chickened out looking into the prospect of merely knowing people from just a short occasion during our Borneo Games last month.

1345 Arrived at Agnes Keith English Tea House. Again, its some place where we've been before.. So, both of us were not that eager to expect anything.

1415 Off to A4, refuel at Shell Jalan Utara to head towards Kundasang.

1510 Stopped over on side road to buy original sugarcane juice... (location around Mile 14, Gum Gum river)

1535 Reached Mile 32

1645 Reached Nunuk Ragang.

1715 Off from Nunuk Ragang

1950 Arrive at Homestay Babu Jijah, Kundasang.

Day 3- Sunday.

0750 Depart to Mesilau, Kundasang to experience "stream from river".

1000 Depart from Mesilau to Desa Dairy Farm.

1015 Desa Dairy Farm observatory. Breathtaking beauty. Lush green, and oh so English..

1025 Bayu Kinabalu toilet break before off to Kota Belud.

1150 Reached Kota Belud Sunday Tamu.

1240 Left tamu after purchasing some Bajau weaving handicrafts. Head straight to KK.

1350 Reached Indah Permai and had lunch at Restoren Zimal.

End of journey.

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