Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't you wish your girlfriend was Hot Like Me?

After landed on solid hometown ground from my 3 days trip to Jakarta, I've been enlightened of the what it takes to live in a mega city like it..I once thought much less of it, pity me.. Being so trapped and confined to the couture city of  KL, now it has opened up a few doors of awesomeness to the city I newly acquinted with.

I've been watching, and observing and analysing, their fashion fiesta, which I dare say is more hip and strictly high fashion than those in KL, the hippest place in Malaya. On this fashion race, we are a long way behind than them, believe it or not!

In a Summit conference I once attended in December (YCM Summit) where renowned CEOs all over the country sat in front of 1000+ participiants,  described the emerging ASEAN: Indonesia is described by the economist and analyst, as such it is in a "taking off" stage which Malaysia had been in for the last 30 years in time.. then, next question raised in my mind "Did Malaysia ever actually takes off?

Let's not get so serious on this issue.Jakarta is now has become a Mega City, crowded and very2 frequent traffic jam. The locals call it "macet", and it became like a norm over there. Like me, I wouldn't complain too much on this, I know what the city have to offer. Whenever you planned to go anywhere, do give a 2 hour grace period in order to arrive on time.

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